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  • Ontario/US border traffic and road conditions
    Before you leave to goto Buffalo or Detroit or coming back to Ontario, you should check the border traffic and road conditions. This can save you some time and also allows you to plan better for example if the border is jammed, you might want to shop a little longer, try out different restaurants or just go site seeing. Here are a bunch of useful links that contains current traffic conditions information.
    Posted by mummum on 12/7/2007
  • Shopping Malls, Outlet Malls in Detroit, Michigan (MI)
    A list of major shopping malls, outlet malls in Detroit, Michigan. People living near or visiting the Detroit-Windsor border will find this list useful especially if you are planning to shop in Detroit, MI. There are a ton of great deals on major name brand clothing, perfume, electronics like HDTVs, iPod, iPhones in Detroit. Have fun and shop till you drop!!!
    Posted by mummum on 3/24/2008