Tim Hortons is now serving up free WiFi 
Starbucks is doing it, Second Cup is doing it, McDonald is doing it and now Tim Hortons is serving up free WiFi to it's customers.
Now you can surf the web or check your emails for free while waiting in those long lineups at Timmys.
  • Free WiFi

    • Tim Horton's free Wifi sign
      Tim Horton's free Wifi sign 
    • Signup screen
      Signup screen 
      When you first connect to Tim Hortons free Wifi, you will be redirected to a registration screen. You don't need to sign up, you can scroll down and connect to their basic WiFi services.
    • Free Basic WiFi service, no login required
      Free Basic WiFi service, no login required 
      The basic service is limited to 20 minutes, just enough time to drink your coffee and check your emails.
    • Tim Horton's basic service WiFi Speedtest
      Tim Horton's basic service WiFi Speedtest 
      I've ran a speed test during lunch time and got about 5mbps downstream and 0.7 upstream, which is not bad for free.
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