2008/2009 DIY Backyard Patio Project (Part 2 - Tools and Costs)

In the second part of my article, I will talk about the tools that I've bought, borrowed and rented. I will also list the cost of the materials and equipment. This would give you an idea how much I've spent on my patio.

Also checkout the other 5 parts of my patio project by scrolling to the bottom of this list.


retroman80s | 2008-10-23 10:45:32 PM | 13979 views
Owned Tools
  • Hammer

  • Extension cord

  • Pencil

  • 24 -in level

  • String

  • Tape measure

  • Nails

  • Utility knife

Borrowed Tools
  • Wheel Barrow

  • Round Point Shovel

  • Long-Handled Round Point Shovel

  • Clay Pick

  • Rake

  • Small hand shovels

  • Safety Goggles

  • 48-in level

  • Heavy duty gloves

Bought Tools
  • 7 1/4 inch Black & Decker Circular Saw with laser 14Amp = $68

  • Mastercraft Circular Saw 7ΒΌ-in. Diamond Blade = $45

  • Mastercraft angle grinder with masonry blade = $68

  • Spade Shovel = $15

  • Rubber mallet = $5

  • Ear plugs = $1

    The dollar store sells these things and it came in a pack of 4 plugs. They seem to work well, I can still hear.

  • Respirator Mask = $1

    Bought this at the dollar store, not the greatest but better than nothing.

  • Tarps = $8

    I used to traps to cover the stone tiles and tools.

  • Line level = $3

Rented Tools
  • DeWALT concrete saw = $80

    Since I had a big order, I managed to talk the guy into renting the saw for 3 days for $80. They usually charge $100/day. Unfortunately I only had time to use it for half a day out of the 3 days, this was due to bad project planning. They delivered the stone tiles with the saw on the same day. I should of had the stone tiles delivered, then lay the tiles down and figure out what I needed to cut and then rent the saw. That was big waste of money since I still had a lot of tiles to cut. After doing some research on Google, I could of just bought a circular saw with a diamond blade which is what I've done later.

  • RONA Compactor = $60

  • 2 x 4-Yard bin = $270

    I had to rent this twice since I had to dig up about 7 yards of soil and sod.

Material Costs and Prices
  • Natural stone tile slabs = $2250

    Hanson StoneTile Tuscanni (Cappuccino colour)
    Aluminum edging

  • Tree planter box = $300

    Allan Block (AB Collection)
    AB Caps
    AB 45 degree Caps

  • Steps = $240

    Hanson NaturalCast Accents Valentia Step & Valentia Blocks

  • 8 Yards HBP 1\4" Chipps = $260

  • Malibu Low Voltage Outdoor 4 Flood lights = $90

    Ordered it from Costco online, it was delivered in 3 days. When you order from Costco online, the prices includes shipping and handling.

  • 4x4x8 Pressure treated wood (12 pieces) = $120

    I used this to build my retaining wall on the west side of my backyard.

  • 1x2x8 Pressure treated wood (5 pieces) = $6

    Used this to build a border on my fence on the east side of my backyard.

  • Glue = $5

    Glue to stick my planter blocks and caps.

  • Polymeric Sand (30kg) = $23

    I used this stuff to seal the joints and between tiles and the foundation wall. After you fill the joints with the sand, you spray it with water and it becomes hard. Make sure you clean off any extra on top of the tiles.

  • 2 Cans of paving stone sealer = $68

    I bought the glossy sealer because I like that wet look. After applying it to my stone tiles, it looks really awesome. See my part article.

Labour Costs and Other Costs
  • Family's help = $PRICELESS

  • My labour and time = $PRICELESS

    I don't know how many man hours I've put into this patio, but I got a nice dark tan and lost some weight.

  • Ordered Food & Drinks = $60


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