Kodak Z1015 IS Digital Camera Review with Sample Photos and Videos

A quick hands on review of Kodak z1015 IS 15x superzoom HD digital camera.

Kodak z1015 is a hybrid camera which is considered in between a pocket point and shoot and a DSLR camera. This is great for people that want a lot of zoom but doesn't want to carry around a big and heavy DSLR. This megazoom camera has a 15x optical zoom and takes great images indoor and outdoor. You can also record HD 720p videos, there's no need to carry a camcorder any more.

Checkout my review and sample photos of the Kodak z1015 digital camera.

NOTE: If you decide to get this camera, the first thing you should do is update the camera's firmware to version 1.03. This update will greatly improve the performance of some of the feature on this camera.

Jan 06, 2009 - Added 3 more HD video samples.


retroman80s | 2008-11-20 9:32:54 PM | 10898 views
  • Great indoor and outdoor photos

  • Wide angle, 15x Superzoom lens (28–420 mm)

  • Light weight

    This camera is pretty light weight when comparing against a Canon S5. It weight about 435g with SD card and battery. This is an advantage when trying to record hand held long videos.

  • 720p HD Videos MPEG4

    Record HD video (1280 × 720) at 30 fps continuously up to 29 minutes

  • Can use the optical zoom while recording videos

    Take advantage of the 15x optical zoom while recording video.

  • 3 inch LCD screen

    Having a nice big screen makes it so much easier to review photos. There is also 5 level of brightness you can set.

  • Easy to navigate menus

  • Good flash

    I was surprise how well the flash worked

  • Price

    You can pick this baby up for under $300. This is the best bang for the dollar for a digital superzoom HD camera.

  • RAW Format

    This is one of the only few hybrid digital cameras that can shoot in RAW format. The file size averages around 16MB and could take a few seconds to save.

  • Mono sound recording

    The mono audio sounds ok, but stereo would of been even better.

  • Cheap feel

    The exterior of this camera is almost all plastic which gives it a cheap feel.

  • Noisy low light video

    This is pretty typical for small sensor cameras

  • Zooming motor noise while recording videos

    If you use the zoom while recording videos, you can hear some of the zoom motor noise while recording in quiet areas.

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Sample Images
    Colourful Toy Giraffe

    Macro shot of fake flower

    Dora the explorer and her friends


    Mississauga City Hall

    Sculpture Court

    Sculpture Court - Graffiti Artwork

    Are you craving for a cup of Tim Horton's coffee?

    Let's go to Timmy's!!!

    Delicious ice cream anyone?

    This is one of my favorite shots, it was taken while the camera was sitting on the table with no flash. Indoor shots are really good on this camera.

Sample Video using Kodak z1015

  • Kodak z1015 - Christmas at Square One Shopping Centre from retroman80s on Vimeo." target="_blank">Sample Video at Square One Shopping Centre

  • Rainforest Cafe Alligator at Yorkdale Mall

    Feed the hungry alligator at the Rainforest Cafe restaurant at Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

  • Kodak z1015 15x video Zoom test on a Zamboni

  • HD Gold fishies


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