Funny and Cute Kids T-Shirts

I saw these cute and funny t-shirts at party packagers.


Jubejube | 2013-04-25 10:52:20 PM | 3040 views
  • Smelly Daddy 
    Smelly Daddy

    Don't Look At Me...
    That smell is coming from Daddy!

  • Dude, your girlfriend 
    Dude, your girlfriend

    Dude, your girlfriend keeps checking me out!

  • I'm a princess 
    I'm a princess

    I'm a Princess
    Mommy's a Queen
    & Daddy's around here somewhere.

  • My mom is hot. 
    My mom is hot.

    My mom is hot.

  • Lock up your daughters 
    Lock up your daughters

    Lock up your daughters

  • Big butt 
    Big butt

    Does this diaper make my butt look big?

  • Chicks Dig Me 
    Chicks Dig Me

    Chicks Dig Me

  • What part of Princess 
    What part of Princess

    Ok this one is not a t-shirt, but it's a cute bib.

    What part of Princess don't you understand?

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