2008/2009 DIY Backyard Patio Project (Part 5 - Tree, Shed, Patio Set, Gazebo and Patio Decoration)

Yes, it's finally spring 2009. It's been a long winter, now it's time to get back to work on my patio project. I had some time to think over my patio design over the winter.
The first thing I will be doing is to move my tree planter box. I had some feedback about my tree box being too close to the fence which might create some problems with the neighbors and the fence. I will move the tree box over about 6 feet and up on the lawn about 4 feet.
The second thing I wanted was to put in a small 6x6 shed. This will be really useful to store my lawnmower, BBQ and patio chairs and also free up some space in my garage.
The third thing to do is to purchase a nice patio set and Gazebo. We get a lot of sun in the afternoons and the gazebo will provide that shelter from the hot sun.

If you've missed the first 4 parts of my patio project, just scroll to the bottom of this article and there will be links there. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the comment area.

I will continue to update my progress, be sure to come back and visit.


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Updated Patio Design
    Corner view

    Using free Google Sketchup design software to create my design, this is what I plan to do.

    Angled over head shot of the shed

    Since I don't have alot of room to work with, a 6x6 is problally as big as I can fix in my backyard. I will also make a small path to the shed. Also notice where my new location of my tree planter box is going to be.

    Another angle of my backyard

    According to the design, everything justs fits.

2009 Patio Construction Begins
    Digging a path for my shed

    Shed Completed

    Bought a Jardin 6x6 shed which is perfect size to fit my lawnmower and BBQ and still have a little bit of room for some lawn chairs. It only took under 2 hours to assemble with my brother-in-law's help.

    Shed Completed Another View

    Relocated Air Conditioner to the other side of my house

    So I finally decided to get someone to move my air conditioner unit to the side of my house. Now I have more patio space and it looks bigger too.

Almost Complete (May 20, 2009)
    Check out my new grass

    The new location of my tree box is much better than before when it was next to the fence. It was a really pain to move that box because I glued the top layer of stone and it was friggin hard to pull apart. TIP: Don't glue anything until the end of the project. I still need to find a tree, maybe a Japanese Maple tree.

    No more AC unit

    That white blob on the wall was were my old AC tubes came out. I just used silicone to temporary seal it. I'll fix it properly later this summer.

    Another view of my backyard standing on my new grass

    Empty Patio

    Once my new grass settles in, I will move the swing set back to the grass area. Then I'll setup my gazebo and patio set.

    Wide angle shot of the gazebo, patio dining set

    Shot from the gate going into the backyard

    Patio Dining Set


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