Things To Do Before Leaving On Vacation

Things To Do Before Leaving Travelling On Vacation


retroman80s | 2006-04-10 4:17:22 PM | 15977 views
  • Ask a family member, trusted friend to check the house, water the plant, feed the goldfishs, etc
  • Inform your security alarm company
  • Inform your credit card company
  • During spring, fall, winter, turn down the heater
  • Unplug electronics (Computer, TV, Radio, etc)
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery services
  • During summer, turn on air conditioner, but not too cool
  • Park car(s) inside of garage
  • Lock all doors and window
  • Set a light or lamp on a timer
  • Throw or give away any fresh food in the refrigerator
  • Turn off stove and oven
  • Turn down water heater temperature
  • Leave pets in a kennel or someone else
  • Pay your bills
  • Give contact information to family or friends
  • Unplug garage door opener
  • Don’t announce your absence on answering machine messages; leave your normal message on the machine.
  • Turn off all water taps
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