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  • Using Generics in C#

    Generics allow us to create type safe collections with no boxing and un-boxing overhead. It is a concept that allows us to achieve parametric polymorphism. This article discusses this concept with examples.

  • MSDN: Introduction to Generics (C# Programming Guide)

    Generic classes and methods combine reusability, type safety and efficiency in a way that their non-generic counterparts cannot. Generics are most commonly used with collections and the methods that operate on them. Version 2.0 of the .NET Framework class library provides a new namespace, System.Collections.Generic, which contains several new generic-based collection classes. It is recommended that all applications that target Version 2.0 use the new generic collection classes instead of the older non-generic counterparts such as ArrayList.

  • Convert an Array of Objects to a Generics List

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  • ASP.NET ViewState Helper

    Ever wonder what is in your viewstate. Check out this tool, it provides details such as Page’s total size, ViewState size, ViewState %, Markup size, Markup %

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